LUV STAMP is a mosaic of raw emotions embodied through fabric. Made for those who have “no boundaries,” but also made for those who are woven shy but secretly desire to be rebellious. (Disclaimer of Liability to Parents: We are not responsible for kids sneaking out of your house and stealing your minivan for a party downtown.) Inspired by blurred weekends where responsibilities are forgotten and morals are lost, a time of finding love and breaking hearts, LUV STAMP brings a fresh new take and look of being “BOLD.”

Invigorated by love, beauty, and curves; Ingrid Estevez has placed her mark in the fashion world and now has joined forces with Andre Sheleg, one of NY’s most enthusiastic entrepreneurs and have developed a collection for those looking to express them-selves while staying a step ahead of the rest. “LUV STAMP” is their answer to fulfilling the power of expression and moving it to the next level with the Q Reader technology. With this technology you will be able to display your purchased clothing on every popular social network!

The New York brand established in 2012 and is “online exclusive”. With the premiere launch of its “edgy” printed tees and its “bad ass attitude,” LUV STAMP is sure to be the brand that captures the spirit of our generation. So rip off the Parental Discretion sticker and replace it with a LUV STAMP!

Let them know about it…”LUV STAMP” it!